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The Next Coming - SDL Tools for The Fourth Coming

Introduction :

The Fourth Coming (T4c) is a game developped and originally distributed by Vircom [].
The Next Coming (sorry for the name, I know it's stupid..) is a set of C++ classes that can be used to transform T4c's data into SDL surfaces.
Originally, the main goal was to create a new multiplatform game client.
So you will find :
- tools to decode and extract/convert the original game datas (decode sprites packages, decode and convert maps, decode and extract sounds)
- tools to access any sprite as an SDL_Surface
- tools to display a specific location of the map
- tools to extract sounds and music as .wav files
- tools to display any NPC/Monster at a specific location and display an animation (walking, fighting, dying..)
Example programs are also provided to show how to use those classes.

State of development :

TnC is still very incomplete. See the "TODO" section for more details.

Overview :

TnC do not provide a fully working client for T4c. Nevertheless, several demo applications using the developped set of tools are provided.
See the "Screenshots" section for more details.
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